Private Wealth



Life is full of surprises but in business, surprises are seldom good. By planning a protection strategy for unexpected events, you can allow your business to runseamlessly with less stress about disruption.

What happens when a key person wants to leave a business or can suddenly no longer work? At Edge Financial Planning we sit with you to discuss all your options for planned and unplanned departures, so you can ensure any disruption is minimised.

In the exciting start-up phase of any business, it can be tempting to delay strategies for partnership changes. However, this is the best time to put in place a buy/sell agreement and allows all parties to communicate their preferences on exits, pricing, payouts and funding.

As a family run business, Edge understands the ins and outs of running your own business, and we’re here to help and work through all the practical issues with you.



Business insurance allows you to protect not only your assets (debts), but also the key people who are vital to the operation of your business.

Asset protection satisfies creditors if there comes a time that you cannot work. It also protects any assets that may have been put up for collateral for lending purposes.

Imagine if you lost a key revenue driver – what would happen? With key person insurance you can be covered for losing an employee, while being afforded the time to find and train a replacement.

Sound business succession planning can include ownership protection that covers the business during any transfer period from one owner to another.

What would happen if one of the owners died and you hadn’t negotiated a buy out price? Don’t make the mistake of assuming it will be ok. Put plans in place to ensure the business can continue without unnecessarily heightened stress levels on the remaining parties.




Are you at a loss as to how to help your employees with their Super?

Edge Financial Planning can work with you and your team to assist with their Super fund, appropriate contributions and the right asset allocation for each person.

Staff are often left on their own when it comes to risk profiling and asset allocation regarding one of the most important assets of their working lives – their Super.

Our financial planners sit with each employee individually to discuss their needs, lifestyle, and circumstances, in order to establish a personalised asset allocation
for them.

We then advise them where to send their Super guarantee and advise if there are any other beneficial contributions they could be making to
their Superannuation.



Have you been trading shares or buying investment properties, but you’re no longer sure if they are really working for you? What are you priorities – liquidity or set and forget? income stream or growth?

You have spent time building your assets and it is vital that you are comfortable with the way your money is invested. There are so many different offerings in the equity markets but how do you know which one is right for you? What type of property should be purchased as an investment? Perhaps you’d simply like to upgrade your existing home?

There are many options out there and it’s important that time is spent to establish the right structure, diversity and asset class to allow you the most appropriate asset mix.

Edge Financial Planning can advise on your entire financial situation, including protecting your assets. Our intention is to make sure that all your investments and financial structures, including your Super, are tailored carefully to your specific circumstances and long
term objectives.



Have you worked hard to build your nest egg and now that you have, you want a little more control over it?

A self managed Super fund gives you greater discretion about where your money is invested.

Whether your investment preference is for property, shares or other types of investing, it is crucial that the investments are appropriate for you and your Super fund.

For example, do the assets pass the sole purpose test? What are the arms length rules? Is it the best asset class for you at your age? Are there better ways of maximising your Super?

At Edge, we believe that you and your investments deserve time and thought so that you feel comfortable and secure with the proposed strategy for potential growth in your funds.



Have you ever thought about giving your kids a financial leg up? Would you like to see them own their own home? 
The rising costs of housing means many children require the assistance of their parents in order to purchase their first home.

There are several ways you can help them. Perhaps you’d be willing to be a guarantor on their mortgage, or you may wish to use the collateral in your own home to help them with their deposit.

In addition, there are the ever increasing costs associated with a wedding. As a parent, you want your child to enjoy their special day and if you have an idea how you would like to help them, we can assist you with planning to make sure you are doing it in the most effective manner.