Investing for the Long Term

March 10, 2020 by Edge Financial Planning

With the corona virus now inevitably going to hit our shores in  a larger way than first hoped and world sharemarkets testing even the most bullish of investors it’s a good time to remember why panic selling or trying to time the market doesn’t mean you will out perform. In fact, it’s often the other way. Take a look at the attached chart that shows the markets and world events from the last 70 years- many major events are blips on the radar now impact-of-events-on-markets”

If your money is invested for the long term, in quality investments then it’s important to stay the journey (see attached article)- investing for the long term

If your money has a purpose in the shorter term then not only should you be assessing how you are invested but at what time do you ensure that your capital is protected from downside risk.

We can assist with these decisions and discuss what your investments are for, how they would be best invested and when to, perhaps boringly so, be in cash equivalents.

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The Edge Team