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We Australians love footy. Whether it’s playing a game with your local team, going to the MCG or catching up on the stats on your phone. There’s no surprise, footy is part of our lifestyle.

We push ourselves at footy training, we give it all at our local games and with a little bit of luck, we get to score the winning goal for our teams. We give it all physically but are we doing enough to keep ourselves safe outside the oval? Most of us seem to have forgotten we have a life outside those four quarters.

Injury, the sneaky word that sends us packing and puts us off work for a few weeks or even months.

We all have a responsibility to something and someone. We have jobs to go to, bills to pay and sometimes other people depend on us like a parent, a wife or even a child. Giving it all at the footy, should NOT mean losing it all if things go wrong. None of us should be punished for doing what we love but we have to be smart about it. We have to make sure we and our love ones are protected, safe and don’t become liable when we get injured. Injury, the sneaky word that sends us packing and puts us off work for a few weeks or even months. The word that makes us work while injured, stoping us to recover faster. Or worse, stops us from making money and paying our bills.

At EDGE FP, we are sick and tired of hearing our local footy players are faced with the harsh reality of getting injured and not being able to work or pay their bills. If you are wondering what your situation is and how Income Protection can help you, call EDGE 03 9017-675 or follow this link. Read on to meet Michael Bremner, a senior footy player at Prahran Assumption Football Club. He shares his experience with EDGE and Income Protection.

We want to make sure footy players are aware of the risks outside the pitch, so we expose them today:

(1) Most Footy locals believe private Health Insurance is enough if they get injured.

It’s not! You need money for your recovery, monthly bills and other living expenses like your weekly groceries during the time you are off work. If you are unable to work, how would you pay? If you run out of sick leave, would you be forced to chip into your holidays?

(2) There are just too many cases of people going to work while injured (ie. working with a broken rib or thumb).

People don’t want to postpone their plans (ie. buying a house, saving for an upcoming trip, etc) but that is not the way to go about it. Income Protection is there to ensure you never have to postpone your plans, keeping you and your love ones always protected. 

(3) A lot of Australians don’t understand how Super works or how to get Income Protection through Super.

Super is mandatory. If you don’t know your Super fund you might be overpaying. Taking Income Protection through Super means you are protected without adding an extra monthly bill. If you prefer to pay outside of Super, you may be eligible to reduce your taxes, increasing your tax return.

We know and understand all of these issues because we see them all the time. We are financial planners during the day but after hours we are 100% footy lovers. Half of our staff play for their local footy clubs, our Principal coaches the younger league and we all live the AFL on the weekends. We know the risks and we are here to share them with you, but just like you would rise up to make the mark, you must step up and make sure you and your love ones are safe. Touch wood -because we are all at risk and if you play sports, your chances of getting injured just got worse!

Michael Bremner, a Melbourne carpenter and footy player at Prahran Assumption Football Club shares his experience with Income Protection and the benefits of being part of the EDGE family.

Prahran Assumption Football Club

Michael Bremner (left)

“So what happened was a football injury, I changed direction and my knee shifted on itself and I ruptured my ACL. In football terms it’s 12 months out of the game but it’s almost 3 to 6 months off your feet type of injury, walking around on crutches, hobbling. So, it made it really hard being in the construction industry with that injury. I was at home a lot with a lot of rehabilitation, trying to put strength back into the leg to get myself back to where I could function at work and play footy again. It was the income protection that really kicked in to continue living. All the phone bills, memberships at gym, all of my expenses were still there; but I wasn’t making an income because I was a subcontractor.

To me if you play football or you work in the construction industry like I do, take out income protection with Leigh Stafford, it will be the best thing you ever do. There would have been no chance of me purchasing my first house if I didn’t. I’d be set back 9 months probably a year from all the debt that I would’ve accumulated if it wasn’t for income protection.”

-Michael Bremner, footy player at Prahran FC and EDGE client

Just remember, Could you work after a knee reconstruction? Would you be able to pay your bills if you can’t work? 
If you play sports we want to hear from you. Contact EDGE at 03 9017-6757 or follow the link here and stop dragging your wallet through the mud!

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