RED HILL Footy Club

June 14, 2016 by Edge Financial Planning

Just like any other Australian, we don’t just watch the Footy, we live it.
As footy lovers and financial planners it is our duty to provide as much support as we can.

EDGE new sponsorship program is designed to support local footy clubs. The benefits include club donations, paid membership fees and financial education support. Our goal is to ensure injured players are not at financial risk. Most players don’t know who controls their super or how it works. Informed players make better life decisions.

We understand you

Footy is a lifestyle. We know the issues surrounding footy players because we are just as involved. Some of our staff members play at their local footy club and even Leigh Stafford, principal at Edge, couches a team at a Junior Football League shaping the players of tomorrow.


First of many

We are proud to announce Red Hill FC as our first sponsored club. Leigh Stafford and Jake Mold visited the premises and gave a short presentation on Income Protection. Many Red Hill FC players are now part of the EDGE WAY and enjoying all the benefits that come along with it (a few listed in this article).

 Risks & issues

We are driven to tackle some of the biggest issues Australians face today:

Many local players believe private Health Insurance is enough if they get injured.

Most players don’t understand how Super works or how much they are paying in fees.


Some players work while injured (ie. working with a broken rib or finger), 
because taking time off means getting into debt or postponing their plans.

We don’t just state the issues, we are here to provide the solution with our Edge Sponsorship Program.

As a sponsor

We are committed to:

1) Donate $500 to the club (*)

2) Pay for player membership fees (**)

3) Empower the club with three educational programs every year (***)

Reach out

If you believe your Footy Club could benefit from our sponsorship program, send an email to [email protected]

Join the EDGE Way and enjoy all the benefits we provide!

We believe in supporting the community because we are the community. Our sponsorship program reflects our vision to practice great corporate citizenship and lead by example.

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*     All donations are made strictly to the selected club.

**   Membership fees are paid for the full year.

**   In case the player has already paid the membership, a reimbursement will be issued.

*** Time and date of the educational programs are subject to sudden change given the availability of financial planners.

***  All educational programs are made by appointment and two weeks notice must be given.